About Us

Keeping in your mind your different needs, Southampton Minibus Hire does not cater to only a single sector of the population; instead, we strive to serve each and every part of our population and all of their wants. That means that whether you are going on holiday as a family and need to get to Southampton Airport, or if you need group travel to the cruise port, Southampton Minibus Hire has it covered. Southampton Minibus Hire can also offer you executive transport to that important business meeting in the Southampton area or further afield. Rest assured that Southampton Minibus Hire will have a vehicle suitable for your needs. It may be that you need to lease a Minibus or double-decker bus for longer periods of time than a single journey.  You can easily lease Southampton Minibus Hire minibus for longer periods of time for either starting a business or for your executive needs such as providing transport for your clients. Apart from this, you can also hire any of Southampton Minibus Hire minibuses for short periods of time which can involve any purpose. Southampton Minibus Hire has got it covered whatever your needs. Whether it is a simple taxi ride or a longer-term arrangement, Southampton Minibus Hire can provide the services you require. Don’t forget that Southampton Minibus Hire doesn’t just offer Minibus services. Southampton Minibus Hire also offers coach hire to fulfil all your needs.

For tourists visiting the wonderful city of Southampton or further afield in the UK and for local Southampton residents, Southampton Minibus Hire provides comprehensive minibus and coach services to both. For driving around town,  in and out of the city to the cruise, ferry and airport, Southampton Minibus Hire provides to you one of the best minibus options that you can choose from in Southampton. We have been in the market for long enough to work efficiently and reliably for our customers to enjoy the maximum satisfaction. Southampton Minibus Hire has built an excellent reputation not just within Southampton, but also further afield within the surrounding areas. Southampton Minibus Hire reputation is extremely important to us and we will make sure that our customer experience is second to none in order to ensure that our reputation for providing high quality, safe and reliable services is maintained. This is something that Southampton Minibus Hire will not compromise on.

None of your demands is impossible for Southampton Minibus Hire. We make any request that you may have work. We ensure that we go above and beyond to fulfil your requests. Southampton Minibus Hire is able to provide all our customers with access to the large fleet of minibuses that we have. Whatever your request we will make sure that we have a suitable vehicle for your needs. It may be that you require a vehicle which involves space for small as well as large groups of people to fit in, as well as room for luggage and goods that you may also need to carry as part of your journey. You will need to contact our friendly, professional team to discuss your requirements further so that we can ensure that we provide you with a vehicle that is going to meet all of your transport requests. We will do our very best to ensure that we meet all your specific requests and provide a fair, competitive price quote for the services that you require. We can usually do this at the same tie you initially call us in order to discuss your requirements.

Southampton Minibus Hire extensive base of customers that not only come from the city of Southampton, but also from surrounding areas, has faith in our services and utilizes them without giving it a second thought. This is the reputation that we have built and why we have so many satisfied clients that continue to use us regularly. For our new customers, we are happy to talk through your requirements and can let you know about how we work in ways that will leave you amazed and persuaded that we are indeed the best minibus service to choose from in Southampton. Once you have given us a try you will not use any other minibus or coach hire service in the city.

There are many different occasions that we can provide you with transport for. Southampton Minibus Hire can do this for private individuals, public sector organisations and other businesses. We cater for your school trips, business trips, concerts, weddings and whatever that you want. There is nothing that Southampton Minibus Hire do not cover or cannot provide transport for. All of our staff have a can-do attitude. There is immense freedom attached to hiring a minibus. We also provide drivers who are reliable and experienced and will allow you to enjoy your travelling experience in Southampton. Our drivers are key to the success of the business. All of our drivers have been doing the job for many years and have a wealth of experience. Not only do they ensure that our customers reach their destination safely and promptly, but they also do it while ensuring an excellent customer experience. Many of our drivers are originally from the Southampton area. This is a huge advantage for our customers as it means that we are able to provide our customers with expert, local knowledge about the wonderful city itself. We would encourage all of our customers to ask any questions they wish to of our drivers.

Excellence in our services is another one of the aims along with keeping our customers content at all times, from the beginning of the booking process until we bid farewell to them. Southampton Minibus Hire takes customer satisfaction very seriously and understands that it is simply more than offering a reliable service. The while customer experience is extremely important to us and we welcome feedback on any of our services and processes. The flexibility of the minibus and other services that we are able to offer is also reflected in the different price ranges. This has been devised by the company which make it more convenient for our customers. Southampton Minibus Hire has many customers coming from different backgrounds, for example, private business owners, government organisations and single customers and we appreciate that whoever you are costing need to be minimised and most people will have a budget to maintain.

Southampton Minibus Hire will not disappoint you as our services are of the top most quality and we ensure the maintenance of the vehicles to provide it to you in a brand new quality so that you can extract benefits from it with the greatest comfort and security. Southampton Minibus Hire pride ourselves on the work that we do and want to ensure that all our customers receive the high-quality services that many people have come to expect from Southampton Minibus Hire.