Top 10 things to do in Southampton




Top 10 Things to do in Southampton


Although there are many things to do in and around the bustling city of Southampton, we have rounded up the top ten that we think you should put at the top of your list.

  1. Medieval City Walls. These are the third longest series of unbroken walls in Britain and they are now a part of the guided city walks which will also allow you to explore the medieval vaults and delve deep into the history of the city. These can provide you with a great introduction to the city and allow you to view some of its fantastic architecture from a great vista. There are some guided tours of the cities medieval walls. Many of these are well worth taking part in and bring a walk along the Medieval City Walls to life. Make sure that you allow enough time on your visit to do this as it will not only allow you to get your bearings when you are first here, but can also be great fun. Exploring the walls are a great family activity that you all will certainly enjoy! It is also a great opportunity to view the city from some fine vantage points and is easy to transport the whole family by using Southampton Minibus Hire.
  2. Tudor House and Gardens. This is another one of the historical spots which was built in the late fifteenth century and is now a museum displaying relics of the Edwardian and Victorian eras of 900 years brought together under one roof. The reconstructed kitchens, furniture and wall hangings will leave you awestruck. This provides visitors with a fantastic opportunity to understand more about the history of this important city. It also allows you to experience first hand exactly how the people of Southampton used to live. Whether you are young or old the Tudor House and Garden will transport you back in time and make you reflect on how life has developed in the city and in the UK since Tudor times. The Tudor House and Gardens are extremely well maintained and staff ensure that your visit is a great one. This is an attraction that should certainly be on anyone’s list while visiting Southampton using Southampton Minibus Hire. Certainly not to be missed by anyone!
  3. The Titanic Trail. Southampton is famously connected with the Titanic tragedy. Many people will know that the port of Southampton was where the Titanic sailed from on her disastrous voyage to New York. As you must have heard of the unfortunate voyage of the Titanic, its departure took place at the ports of Southampton and now a guided trail runs through the city where you can learn about the Titanic and even visit the Titanic Engineers Memorial Park which has a monument made of bronze and granite. The Titanic Musicians Memorial is also part of the trail which has been dedicated to the musicians of the ship. Many people remain fascinated by what happened to the Titanic on that unfortunate event, and it remains a mystery to many. The Titanic trail is an innovative way to tell visitors and tourists the story of the Titanic once more and focuses on the role of the city of Southampton in the whole event. This is something that is great to do with fascinated children, but it is also equally as interesting for adults. This is very well thought out attraction that really is worth while participating in and Southampton Minibus Hire can drop you off in plenty of time to join the tour.
  4. Escape Rooms. No city up and down the UK is now without an escape room. These are great activities that are even more fun when you do them as part of a group. Whether you are a family, a group of friends or work colleagues, Southampton’s escape room is a great place to test your strategy and have lots of fun. This is an adventure which lasts for an hour and you can get there with your friends or family by using Southampton Minibus Hire. It is more like a maze in which you search for clues and solve puzzles to complete challenges. You will be locked inside a room and using the clues and activities in front of you, you will need to find your way out. You can also find out a lot about the history of the town through your mission. The escape room is focused on the historic city and allows you to explore its rich history and cultural heritage through the clues. It is particularly great for visitors to the city.
  5. Sea City Museum. This is an interesting museum with state of the art displays which highlights the town’s connection with the sea and stories of people who have travelled to this place over the years. Southampton of course has a really important connection to the sea. The sea has very much made the city what it is today. Throughout the ages, Southampton has been put on the world stage through its connection to the sea and its geography. With plenty of nearby parking for those using Southampton Minibus Hire, this museum lets visitors understand the importance of the sea in a lot more detail while ensuring you have lot of fun. This is a great day out again for the whole family and is not to be missed on a visit to the city. A highly interactive and innovating experience for visitors, and one that the people of Southampton are very proud of.
  6. Ambush Paintball and Laser Tag. For the more energetic visitor, this is an activity that is certainly worth considering during your visit to Southampton. This paintball and laser tag facility has the reputation of being one of the best in the UK. This means that this is not to be missed if this is the kind of activity that you enjoy. This is situated in natural woodland and has easy access to the main roads as well, it is therefore very easy to reach if you’re using Southampton Minibus Hire and has plenty of parking. It has been in operation since the 1980s for visitors to come and have a successful paintball session with their friends or families. This is a highly fun activity that lets visitors let off steam and have a great time whilst in the area. Make sure that you book your session today so that you are not disappointed – it is a very popular activity.
  7. First Class Sailing. Sailing is taken very seriously in the Southampton area. You can certainly have some lessons or if you have more experience then you will have the opportunity to practice your skills. This is for all the sunset and sea lovers. There is no better way to see the sunset than on a sailing boat! Travel to the docks using Southampton Minibus Hire, then you can simply sit in a boat and sail away into the vastness of the sea, as so many people do from the city of Southampton. They also have sailing courses for beginners to learn this exciting sport, should you wish to explore the possibility of this further. Many people live and breathe sailing in Southampton, and it is very easy to take up this wonderful, relaxing sport. Again this is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  8. Mayflower Theatre. With a capacity of seating 2300 people, the Mayflower Theatre is located at the centre of the city and has parking for your Southampton Minibus Hire a convenient five minute walk away. Many of the countries biggest West End shows come to the Mayflower while they are on tour around the UK. The theatre was originally opened as ‘The Empire’ in 1928 and at that time was the largest theatre in the South East of England. It changed hands and names several times and underwent a major renovation plan between 2003 and 2013. The Foyer has again been renovated again recent times, making essential changes to ensure the future proofing of the building. The Mayflower is a much loved theatre by the locals and it offers a great experience for everyone during a visit to Southampton.
  9. The Solent Sky Museum. Rich in aviation history, with plenty of parking for Southampton Minibus Hire vehicles, this museum focuses on the supermarine aircraft company along with the Schneider Trophy seaplane races and the flying boat services to allow you to find out about the history of Southampton in terms of aviation. Not only is Southampton associated with some of the world’s famous ships such as the Titanic, but it has also played a key role in aviation to. One of the most important aircraft in Britain’s past is the Spitfire. This aircraft was famously born in Southampton. The Solent Sky Museum allows you to discover more about this remarkable aircraft and Southampton’s role in its creation. This is another experience not to be missed by anyone!
  10. The Eling Experience. This is a day out at the tourist attraction which includes the tidal power Eling mill. It also involves natural walks and a pirate play area for the kids. The most fascinating thing about this place was how tidal power was used to mill flour daily and that too in a building which was built in 1785! This is another great example that helps you to appreciate the role of the Sea in the development of the city. The experience is just outside Southampton in the village of Elling, located in the New Forest. The New Forest is an attraction worth visiting in itself and so it is a great idea to combine it with a
Top 10 things to do in Southampton

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