Events of 2017 to 2018

Events of 2017 to 2018


Southampton benefits from many exciting events throughout the year. With so much happening in Southampton, your visits will never be boring. The city is one where there is always something going on and something to keep you and your family entertained. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun with the whole family, particularly if you use a convenient Southampton Minibus Hire to get there! A quick internet search will help you to find more information about events in Southampton that you can enjoy with friends and family. However, here are some of our favourites.


A Ceremony in Stone is an art exhibition which will take place in the Southampton Castle. This was rebuilt in stone multiple times and raided by pirates many times as well. Southampton Castle is a really important monument to time that has gone by. It has lived through many of the key events that has occurred in the city through the ages and the exhibition will tell its story as well as the story of Southampton. The exhibition will also focus on the history of the castle through documentary and examination of the stone structures which are still alive till date. This is an event that is particularly exciting if you are new to Southampton as it will help tell the city’s story while allowing you to enjoy its art work. A great event for your diary when you visit the city with a Southampton Minibus Hire!


Another great exhibition is ‘Art in the Garden’ which will take place in the magnificent Hillier Gardens where monumental structures will be presented against a backdrop of beautiful 180 acres of parkland. Easy to reach if you use Southampton Minibus Hire, you can find an antique piece of sculpture to use for your house and garden needs. This is a great event again in one of the city’s proudest locations. It is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Some of the structures on show will be simply stunning and leave you in awe. Definitely an event to consider if you are proud of your garden and introducing a unique antique structure.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an exhibition which features images displayed on large scale boxes of award winning photographers celebrating the beauty and drama of nature captured through creative and striking photography. This is a competition that is run by the National History Museum in London. However, every year the museum selects some of the top entries that it receives and sends them on a national tour. Usually, the exhibition comes to the Sea City Museum Southampton which has plenty of parking for Southampton Minibus Hire vehicles. The exhibition is included in your usual entry ticket and it is certainly not to be missed. You will need to look at the museums website to find out when the exhibition is on in Southampton. This is certainly one of the great events of the year when it comes to visiting exhibitions and it is well worth seeing many of the incredible entries.


Another great event that celebrates Southampton's relationship with the sea is the annual sailing week. This sees more than 100 different vessels of all shapes and sizes take part, and is easy to reach using a Southampton Minibus Hire vehicle. Not to be missed, this is an opportunity to see Southampton celebrate its location by the sea and is enjoyed by families from all over the UK and further afield. Further details about this week are available online and its worth making sure that the date for this is in your diary.


Finally, another event to enjoy with your family is the annual switching on of the Christmas lights. This is a great event that usually sees a celebrity run the show and press that all-important button. The event happens in mid November every year and is a really fun occasion that sees the whole city come together to celebrate the start of preparing for Christmas. The Southampton city council website will give you further details of when this event is and where parking will be suitable for Southampton Minibus Hire groups. It is definitely worth attending whether you are a local or you have come to Southampton from further afield.

Events of 2017 to 2018

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