Best hotels in Southampton

Best hotels in Southampton

Since Southampton is a busy, important city with many visitors arriving and departing from it every single day of the year, often using Southampton Minibus Hire for transport, the city has a range of hotels. Whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful budget hotel or want to stay in style at a 5 star resort type hotel, you will find it all. There really is accommodation to suit every budget in Southampton. We have concentrated on telling you about our favourites to help you get started with making a choice.


One of the best hotels in Southampton with every possible facility available is the Grand Harbour Hotel. It is a 4-star hotel where a warm welcome will begin your beautiful stay at this place. It is located on the Southampton Waterfront providing plenty of parking for Southampton Minibus Hire and a mesmerising view for all the guests whether you’re on a business trip or simply here for pleasure. Rooms are extremely well appointed, with nice furnishings and bathrooms. The hotel is particularly popular with guests who are staying in the city before and after a cruise. It is also very conveniently located for the Southampton cruise terminal which makes it even more desirable. The hotel benefits from first class leisure facilities. There is both a pool and a gym at this hotel which are highly maintained. Guests can enjoy using these benefits and also indulge in many beauty and health treatments such as a full body massage done by attentive and friendly staff. With the opening of a signature chef restaurant at the hotel, your fine dining needs will also be satisfied. The restaurant benefits from excellent restaurant facilities and you will find that both your evening meal and breakfast will be of top quality. This hotel will certainly not disappoint you and is most definitely one to consider. One of the top hotels in Southampton.


The Meon Valley provides a luxurious getaway. Situated in the perfectly manicured grounds of the Southampton countryside, the Meon Valley Marriott Hotel is easily reached using Southampton Minibus Hire. With its gorgeous rooms and suites, and facilities like plush beds and flat screen televisions, staying here will allow you to release all your stress. It is also home to one of the most magnificent golf courses. This is a great hotel if you are particularly looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and escape for the weekend. Again, this hotel provides excellent leisure facilities including a swimming pool, a gym and a golf course. The hotel benefits from a lovely bar area and has first class dining in its restaurant. The hotel is tastefully decorated with modern features. This is a great choice of hotel, located just outside of the countryside. One to definitely consider, especially if you are in Southampton for the weekend.


A five star hotel with on-street parking for Southampton Minibus Hire, the White Star Tavern will provide an extraordinary stay with the beautiful boutique rooms and comfortable beds lined with Egyptian linens and designer bathrooms. It is also host to an award winning restaurant which serves many business purposes as well with a spectacular meeting room made for interviews and presentations and complimentary Wi-Fi facilities available. This is a great choice if you are looking for something with extra charm, rather than larger branded resort type hotels. This is also a great choice if you are coming to Southampton to escape the stresses of everyday life but it could also be an excellent choice while you are on a business trip. The food here is excellent and the rooms are exceptionally well appointed.


The Pig Hotel is a boutique hotel which is set within the medieval walls of Southampton. The hotel is small but perfectly appointed with parking, including space for Southampton Minibus Hire vehicles, 12 bedrooms for the guests, and the deli at the hotel serves yummy salads and great wines. The location of the hotel is convenient for visiting the cruise terminal and also the city centre making it a perfect stay. You will be able to walk to many of Southampton’s key attractions from this well-run, independent hotel. One of the nice features of this hotel is the lounge area with its comfortable seating, beamed ceiling and its working fire place. It is a great place to sit and relax after a difficult day.

Best hotels in Southampton

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