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Southampton Minibus Hire

The city of Southampton, located in the picturesque county of Hampshire, is known as the cruise capital of Europe. This is due to its enviable position on the south coast of the UK, which not only gives the city excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, but also puts it in prime position to explore Europe by sea. Some of the worlds largest and finest cruise ships dock in Southampton every single day, which means that it attracts millions of tourists every year, some of whom inevitably use Southampton Minibus Hire to travel to and from the city. Southampton has made sure that it continues to develop and invest in its facilities across the city. To host these tourists, the town offers a number of attractions from museums to music venues and art galleries along with peaceful parks and amazing shopping opportunities. Southampton is therefore an extremely important city in the UK and can very much be considered to be the gateway to the country in many respects. It is one that makes a lasting impression on the tourists and visitors that visit.


Southampton’s geography is perfectly thought out to ensure that it is accessible to all. Whether you are a tourist or whether you live in the city, it will not let you down. The way that this town is arranged, it lets everyone have a good time and disregards your age and interests due to the various options that are provided for you. Southampton has a real mix of people that live in it. With house prices in the UK’s capital city so high, many people are moving out of London and relocating to Southampton due to its excellent transport links. This has led to a vibrant, multicultural city that embraces every opportunity to put itself on the map and enhance the opportunities it has for all. So whether you’re visiting the city as a tourist and need to use Southampton Minibus, you are someone who is just there for a business trip, or maybe you are someone who has come to the city to live permanently, you will be provided with many choices to choose from and have an enjoyable time. There is certainly never a dull moment in this wonderful city!


The history of Southampton is excessively rich and will allow you to explore its aviation and maritime heritage in great depth. By using Southampton company, you will be able to see for yourself the significant evidence suggesting that Southampton has been occupied since the Stone Age. It was during the Roman occupation of Britain that Southampton was really put on the map. The Romans built a fort called Clausentum. The fort became an important trading port in the Roman empire, and so the port of Southampton was born. The fortress settlement was then developed later by the Anglo-Saxons. It was the Anglo-Saxons that called the settlement Hamwic which eventually developed into Hampton. Medieval Southampton was established in the tenth century. The cities importance was reborn following the Norman Conquest in 1066. It was during this time that Southampton became one of the most important ports on the trade route between the UK and the rest of Europe. Southampton traded wool and English cloth for French wine in the 13th century. It was during the 20th century that an important ship building yard was established in Southampton. This was used to build and repair ships in the two world wars. Southampton played an important part in both wars, but was bombed heavily in World War II.


The Old Town of Southampton has abundant historical attractions from the Bargate which was built as the main entrance to the town, to a long series of unbroken wall which still stands today. The Bargate and walls were built to protect the important city and port in the Norman period. It is a Grade I listed building, which shows how historically important the Bargate is. The building is currently used to house temporary exhibitions by Southampton Solent University, one of two universities in the city. Being a port city, the locals have preserved many of the historical artefacts. An interesting fact about this city is that the great and unfortunate Titanic set sail from Southampton and the locals take pride in this piece of history and the tourists enjoy it thoroughly as they come visit the port using Southampton isubinm Furthermore, many of those that perished on the Titanic were originally from Southampton. After this tragedy, many transatlantic voyages continued to operate at Southampton with the port operating some of the most sophisticated and important ocean liners of the time. This again put Southampton firmly on the world’s stage. In 1968, Southampton was again in the spotlight for establishing a flying boat service.


One thing that can be said with certainty is that you can never get bored in a city like Southampton due to its magnificent theatres and extraordinary galleries along with popular guided walks along the historical spots of the city. Southampton has two important theatres which are called the Nuffield theatre and the Mayflower theatre. The Nuffield primarily holds talks, comedy, family events and drama. The Mayflower is known to hold many diverse productions in a very grand, old setting. There is always something going on worth going to see in Southampton’s theatres and Southampton Minibus Hire can get you there in comfort.


Southampton also has several cinemas, including an IMAX cinema, should you wish to watch the latest blockbuster during your time in the city. As a cultural hot spot, you will be spoiled for choice if you wish to visit some galleries during your time in the city. Southampton has something for everyone when it comes to art. A great place to start is the Southampton City Art Gallery which hosts many wonderful pieces of art through the ages. Once you decide it is time to see some more contemporary art then it is time to visit the John Hansard gallery which has a fantastic, contemporary setting. One of my favourite cultural venues to visit in Southampton is the Sea City Gallery. Easy to reach in a group by using Southampton Minibus Hire, the architecture of the building is fantastic. The venue holds the story of RMS Titanic and the city’s involvement in the story of this tragedy.


You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out in Southampton. The city has every high street chain of restaurant you can think of, as well as some very special, independent eateries. Once you have dined, why not head out to Southampton’s many bars and clubs – there really is something to suit everyone here and Southampton Minibus Hire can get your whole group to your chosen location with ease. From fine dining to an exciting night life to a more cultural experience, the city has loads to offer for your leisure purposes and you can easily move throughout the city and discover new places for you to sit back and have the time of your life. Southampton really is a great place to visit and explore.



Vehicles Used by Southampton Minibus Hire


In order for you to thoroughly enjoy each and every historical and entertainment spot in this beautiful cruise capital of Europe, we bring to you a huge variety of vehicles from Southampton Minibus Hire which you can easily choose one and use it till you are in the town. Whether you are arriving or departing from Southampton by its cruise terminal, its ferry terminal, surrounding airports or if this is your home, you will be able to find a suitable vehicle. This will come with excellent customer service, which is something that Southampton Minibus Hire very much prides itself on.


Southampton Minibus Hire operates the reliable, safe and comfortable Iveco Minibuses. The Iveco Minibuses are manufactured in Australia and the light vehicles that they produce have allowed it to gain tremendous popularity. Since 1952, the company has produced more than 230,000 buses and trucks. The new daily minibus is indeed the perfect choice for you to select for your travelling needs due to its high power engine which also low on fuel consumption. Apart from this, the comfort that this minibus offers is of the highest quality both for the passengers and the driver. With the new digital age, there are advanced features for connectivity to ensure that all your travelling and transport needs are met. Southampton Minibus Hire carefully selects the vehicles used in the fleet to ensure that they are of the quality that is expected by the company to ensure an excellent customer experience.


The Iveco minibus has served Southampton Minibus Hire as a loyal business partner with its high levels of reliability which allows us to further guarantee highest satisfaction to our customers as well. The high comfort levels are ensured through not only individual air conditioning but also heated seats for the passengers and the driver combined with an electric plug door and a touch-screen multimedia system for your CD and GPS needs. With such luxurious features installed in the vehicles, Southampton Minibus Hire ensures that it stands out amongst its customers. The company is very proud of the enhanced features in the fleet.


The Iveco as it comes with an Electronic Stability program to ensure the safety of the travellers. It also has a multitude other features such as the Electronic Brake force distribution, the drag torque control, the hill hold control and so much more, all brought together to guarantee you maximum security and safety. Safety is an issue that Iveco will not compromise on at all and therefore all of the minibuses are regularly serviced and frequently checked for their safety and reliability. This is the highest priority for Southampton Minibus Hire. The fleet is maintained to the manufacturers highest standards to ensure ongoing reliability. The excellence of the fleet means that the company will ensure that customers are never let down.


Moving on to other minibuses in the fleet, Southampton Minibus company ensure that a suitable vehicle is available, whatever the customers’ needs are. Other vehicles that are alternative to Iveco minibuses that we have in store for our customers involves customisable vehicles. This means that we are able to accommodate many requests, whatever the load needed to be carried – both people and goods. These involve various minibuses including the ones which are wheelchair accessible designed in a way to make certain of the safety and comfort of the passengers. It is no problem to carry a wheelchair in a suitable vehicle. Additionally, vehicles can be used when there is a large amount of goods to carry such as luggage as well as people. A quick conversation with the helpful, courteous and professional team at Southampton Minibus Hire can provide you with the information that you require and a suitable vehicle found for the purpose that you needed it for.


Not only does Southampton bus Hire provide routine, everyday private hire services, we also present minibuses for executive purposes. These are highly professional services that use our luxury vehicles with key enhanced features for your most important clients. The fleet of vehicles used by the company – which comprise of stylish minibuses styled in a way which will leave an impression that will last a lifetime, are all maintained in perfect condition. When you use the Southampton  executive service, you can be assured of our very best attention in a vehicle that is kept in absolute pristine condition. Indeed, we have a specific fleet of minibuses that are reserved for our executive services which means that we are able to minimise the wear and tear on the vehicles to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. But it does not stop there!


Southampton cheap minibus hire  is also able to offer you double-decker coach hire. This is a great addition to our private hire services and means that we can provide you with the perfect choice of vehicle, whatever your needs. The double-decker coach hire is a service which you can use either for your businesses, or for a large group of family or friends that you would like to travel together. If you are not completely sure about which vehicle is suitable for your needs then a quick telephone call ,you the vehicle that you really need. Starting from an 8-seater minibus, our coach hire capacity can accommodate up to 72 passengers. Of course, we can also offer you more than one vehicle for hire at the same time.

Why Choose Southampton Minibus Hire?

The main highlight of hiring a minibus is the freedom associated with it. It means that you do not have to worry about driving your own car in the busy city of Southampton, on unfamiliar roads. It also means that you will not need to worry about car parking and its associated charges. Hiring a Southampton coach will enable you not to have to worry about all these things and many more. To begin with, if you hire a driver with your minibus, it is a luxury where you can kick back and enjoy your trip with your family or friends. All our drivers are highly professional individuals who go through a key vetting process to ensure their suitability to drive you, your friends and family around. The drivers will ensure your comfort and safety before anything else. This really is the key priority for us and rest assured that this will never be compromised.

The idea of hiring a minibus is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and even Europe. It is not only affordable but is also convenient for your various travelling needs such as travelling to events, airport transfers or even camping trips or parties. Having a minibus and driver makes all these things so much more convenient. Actually, it can also save you some considerable cash, as you do not have to pay any costs associated with having your own car. It can be a highly convenient way to get around Southampton and further afield.

It is one of the highly recommended options to choose when you need an organized and convenient system of transport. The cost is also further divided amongst the group of people who are travelling which means each individual has to pay lesser than they would have to otherwise if they used a different mode of transport. This is a key reason why so many people are using Southampton Minibus Hire – we can save you money in many different circumstances.

Southampton is quite a large city, and while much of it is easy to get around it is also very easy to get lost. This can be very frustrating and Southampton Minibus Hire can really help you to make this part of your trip much easier. You no longer have to walk around for miles and miles with the danger of getting lost or wait around in long lines for buses and trains to take you around town; the minibus eliminates all these problems with the ease that it offers and the liberty to go wherever you want whenever.  We can provide a standby service for you during your time in Southampton and transfer both you and your fellow passengers all over the city. This system works brilliantly!

Another one of the advantages of hiring a minibus is that they are available in different prices depending on the type of vehicle that you require along with the option to customize it according to whichever additional feature you require. Southampton Minibus Hire does not just have one type of vehicle, instead, it has a range of vehicles that we can ensure meet your needs and your transport requirements. It is a good idea for you to call the Southampton Minibus office and we can discuss your exact requirements for the passengers and goods that you need to carry. You can even add more leg room or plasma screens or even leather interiors for your comfortable travelling experience. You can easily hire a standard minibus and upgrade it with these additional features and get the exact vehicle that you are looking for to ensure you are satisfied with your transport needs while in Southampton.

With different sizes of the minibus available, as well as coaches, you will never feel like it is too crowded as you can choose the one which is most suitable for your group size. If it is just a few people up to 73, we will have a suitable vehicle for you. Of course, you can also hire more than one vehicle depending on the group size. We will ensure that your quote includes the most competitively priced vehicle you are your group size. Keeping in mind your different needs and the varying budgets, we ensure that we have all sorts of vehicles available for you to choose from. We also allow you to add your own features especially if you are using the minibus for travelling long distances which would require more luggage space and more leg room as well. That is one of the reasons why Southampton Minibus Hire has the excellent reputation that it does – we ensure that we always accommodate all of customers requirements.